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Abstract Contemporary Paintings and Drawings of Bob Heatly, American artist  and award winning design educator from his studio and home in Provence, France.


"Your paintings look like esoteric maps... I mean, sometimes You come to a kitchen and look for a spoon  for example on a table.., but can not find anything.. Then you come back and see that this spoon always was there. Many ways, many realities."

"Your series on the Assisi stairs was the abstract quality in your painting that I find enduring. It alludes to other things, as in a Vermeer, without saying more. The viewer reacts, engages, and has to ponder some greater seduction."

"I am so glad to discover your work. Very intrigued by the connection between reality as it is observed and the direct impact of your imagination on it. There is something visceral in the way one is thrust against the other. The colors are also really engaging! Truly a modern way to interpret space, with the fracturing and juxtaposition of subject matter,. Thank you for the inspiration!"

Art is all about communication between the artist and the viewer. I try very hard to make you think and engage your interest when you look at one of my paintings. The titles are also important as they give you a clue to my thought process.

I hope the paintings that follow speak for me. Optimum viewing requires display setting of 1152 by 864 pixels at full screen and patience. I sacrificed speed for quality. It is more important to me.


Contact: bob_heatly@yahoo.com, telephone: from France or from outside France or by mail: Bob Heatly, La Bonte, 26110 Condorcet, France.